If you find casting to glorious pikes in crystal clear freshwater appealing, the lakeland in Brandenburg is the right destination for you. The „pearl of lakes“ is situated in an ideal beech-forested location, attractively embedded in the countryside and outstanding for its crystal clear water. Boasting an average sight depth of 6 meters, it belongs to the clearest lakes in Germany. With a lot of underwater ridges and long reed banks, the lake provides plenty of hotspots for fishing. Since the lake is located in a nature reserve, the daily number of fishing licenses is limited, so quiet fishing is guaranteed and can still be experienced simple and pure.


  • 299.00 EUR for 1 day fishing
  • 499.00 EUR for 1 night/2 days fishing

Included in the package

  • Transportation from Berlin to the fishing spot
  • Lodging
  • Meals and all wine, beer, and local spirits
  • Professional guide services
  • Fishing licenses

Not included in the package

  • Gratuities for guides
  • Air fares

Travel here

Our recommended fishing spot is easy to find and close to Berlin. We suggest either flying directly to Berlin and arranging for your guide to collect you or, if you prefer to drive yourself, we can recommend several self-drive options.


  • Group Size: 1-4 Anglers
  • Peak Season: Apr-Oct
  • Target Species: Pike

From the beginning of April to May, when the water temperature starts to rise and the days are getting longer, pikes prey on minnows to recover from the lean winter season. They find a richly laid table but are nevertheless outwitted by our guides’ specialized techniques and fly patterns.
In June, July and August, when the sun is higher, early morning and afternoon hours are the best fishing times, since pikes use their camouflage most effectively in the ambient light conditions. Our guides will help you spot and entice them with our pike fly patterns, which are specially designed for this season and water type. During September and October, when days get shorter and the water temperature sinks, the main season for pikes approaches. In order to store up fat for the winter, they chase for almost anything that moves along. Depending on water and weather conditions, pikes move between hunting grounds and change water depths. With an average length of about 50 -120 cm (28-47 in), this ultimate predator has left many an angler with shaking hands and a desire for more.


This is our recommended kit for your stay:


  • 9ft #8
  • 9ft #9


  • A good, reliable reel suitable for a #8 or #9 rod.


  • Good quality weight forward fast intermediate line and S6-S8 sinking lines.


  • Big Streamers

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photo: Phillip Noss
photo: Phillip Noss

photo: Phillip Noss
photo: Phillip Noss
photo: Kasper Jensen