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K.Klamar Wisconsin, USA

"Tobias Cordes and Fly Fishing Guides Berlin provided me with memories that I will never forget and I will be forever grateful to him for making this awesome experience possible. I would recommend him to anyone (novice or skilled) that wants to experience once in a lifetime fly fishing in Germany."

Jerry Graf Minnesota, USA

"Fishing for pike with big streamers is not my usual thing, but with Toby’s help I had a new angling experience. When the snow and ice are gone here in Minnesota, USA, I’ll be casting flies at trout and thinking of my day in Germany with an amazing guy who happens to be a fishing guide."

Leo v. Bismarck Berlin, GER

"Had a great day with Tobi from the Fly Fishing Guide Berlin. Thick brown trout with successful bite on a self-bound mayfly and delicious food included. All in all a great combination of expertise, empathy and humor."

Matthias v. Reimersdahl Schleswig Holstein, GER

" Best teachers in the world! Fly tying and casting makes a lot of fun with both of them!"

Jörg Siegroth Niedersachsen, GER

"If you have the chance to go fly fishing with him, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Not only because fly fishing is quite fun, but also because Tobi is a very nice and pleasant person!" 

A.Saleheyan Berlin, GER

"Thanks again. It was really fun!“