Fliegenfischen im Drachental


We offer a variety of private beats on the Leitzach river, where you can experience exciting sight-fishing for brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling in the idyllic Alpine foothills of Bavaria.

Our Hotel-Landgasthof "Alter Wirt" has eight double rooms, including one family room with a separate children's room.

The traditional building has been carefully and completely renovated with loving attention to the old elements worth preserving, such as the creaking rustic wooden floors. Enjoy a daily regional breakfast and excellent gourmet menus with wine accompaniment and local beers.

In the upper reaches, mostly bordered by extensive meadows, the Leitzach flows through the picturesque landscape of the Pre-Alps. It is full of life. This is due to its fresh, oxygen-rich, crystal-clear water with its bubbling rapids and deep pools - all in all an ideal habitat for rainbow and brown trout as well as grayling.

The cool mountain water ensures that the fish are active even in the summer heat. In spring you can experience wonderful fly hatches, with large stoneflies making up an important part of the fish's diet.

But the best thing is that there has been practically no fishing pressure in this region since the 1930s. The natural environment is thanks to a family that has fished exclusively in the Dragon Valley for generations. This has allowed a healthy population of trout and grayling to develop in the Leitzach, many of whom have never seen an artificial fly before.




DAY 1: Departure from Munich and arrival in Fischbachau
DAY 2-4: Intensive Fishing
DAY 5: Departure to Munich (Shuttle Service)
PRICE: 1549.00 EUR

The new day is fresh and powerful. Fog lies on the river. Young trout are already picking small insects from the water surface. While the sun slowly rises over the tops of the trees, I make coffee and watch the spectacle. Later I follow a hiking trail that leads me along the mountain slope. Sunbeams illuminate the river bed. Fascinated by the sparkle that the light creates on the waves, I discover behind a rock a large brown trout in its comfort zone. Excitedly I wade to the other bank to cast it upstream from there. She will certainly not give me many tries.

The first cast is still a little too short. After that my dry fly lands exactly on the rock. With a pluck it gets into the current and drifts directly behind the rock where the trout is still waiting. It does not hesitate for a second and attacks my fly immediately. It develops an amazing power in the current, so I have to run a little downstream to avoid losing it between the driftwood and the rocks of the funnel. The trout changes back and forth between the currents at breakneck speed, its flank glistening golden in the waves of the Leitzach.

At the end the magnificent, red and orange dotted fish glides into my landing net, exhausted. Satisfied with my catch I picnic on a fragrant, blooming meadow. It is difficult to describe which feelings flood my inner being at this moment. Perhaps they resemble those of a mountain climber reaching the summit, or those of a surfer who manages to ride a particularly high wave. One thing is certain: For me there is nothing more important than the fleetingness and simplicity of these moments. After all, they are a chance to recognize the beauty of one's surroundings; to look inside and become part of one's environment.


This is our recommended kit for your stay:

RODS: 8,6-9ft #3-5 rod
REELS A good, reliable reel suitable for a #3, #4 or #5 rod
LINES: Good quality WF floating line
LEADER: Tapered leaders 9-12ft in 4X-2X
ACCESSOIRES: Landing net, Leader clip, Polarizing sunglasses, Sun milk
CLOTHING: Wading shoes, Wading pants, Wading jacket, Thermal layer, Beenie, Cap



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