We invite you to a unique landscape of hills and valleys that show clear traces of the Ice Age. In the bays of southern Denmark, the versatility of a long outer coast and the large fjords provide ideal conditions for fighting sea trout.

Our accommodation is easy to find and close to Sønderborg on the Danish island of Als. We arrange for your guide to pick you up at the airport. If you prefer to drive yourself, we can recommend a nice route.

We will take you to the best spots in a beautiful landscape and share our knowledge about wind, weather, water level and not to forget: the right fly! In the morning we have a hearty breakfast, at lunchtime we have a snack and Danish cake. In the evening, filleting, varied cooking, uncorking a wine, firing up the stove and telling the best stories of the day.


The alternation of sandy spots, stones and plants provides shelter for small animals of all kinds, which is why trout like patrolling in this so-called "Leopard reasons". The wonderful views of wide beaches with secluded coves and the maritime climate make for healthy and relaxing sea trout fishing in promisingly peaceful surroundings.

The sea trout fishing is characterized by long distance casting while wading along the coastal bays, beaches and fjords. Anyone who has ever started fishing for the silver power packages will do it again, garanteed.

Since sea trout are known as eating machines and to change locations in order to find food in many areas, we will teach you the art of spotting them sea trout and equip you with the right saltwater pattern. The rich food supply in coastal areas causes the sea trout to grow very fast.
So come along and get some of those!






DAY 1: Departure from Hamburg and arrival in Nordborg
DAY 2-3: Intensive Fishing
DAY 4: Fishing and departure to Hamburg
PRICE: 549,- EUR

Die besten Meerforellen Spots in Dänemark

The most promising spot is behind the sandbank, where sea trout hunt at dusk between seagrass beds and gullies. The evening breeze provides a gentle wave. We cross the first trough to the sandbank and there is a strangely calm atmosphere. After a few casts, Gerd lands a flounder. Slowly we wade on. I fish at a little distance from him. "Now for a nice sea trout in the sunset," I joke. Just at that moment, an impact drives into his wrist. Shortly afterwards, a silver, torpedo-shaped body spirals into the air and takes flight so rapidly that the line cuts through the water like a buzz saw.

In a flash, the line disappears from the basket, forms a loop in the tangle and shoots relentlessly through all the rings. As the loop, about the size of a hand, made frightening noises, we dare not reel in the line further than the loop. So the fish has to be kept at a distance and landed on the beach. Slowly we wade back through the bathtub, me keeping Gerd's back by guiding him past stones and bubble tanks. While the fatal feeling creeps over us that we have not yet reached the deepest part of the tub, the sea trout crosses the threshold of the sandbank and comes towards us. Gerd has no choice but to run as fast as he can in the waist-deep water towards the beach.

In the process, he loses contact with the sea trout and the line lies limp on the surface of the water for a few seconds. But suddenly the fish moves visibly and swiftly in my direction and I have to hurry to avoid being surrounded by it along with the line. Gerd is standing on the upper embankment of the beach with his rod bent when I see the majestic fish pass me in knee-deep water with a big bow wave. It seems bigger than I suspected and I suddenly become aware of my responsibility. All kinds of scenarios play out in my head: "Just don't let it tunnel now!"

When I see the fish a second time in the shallow water, I take heart and grab the sea trout by the mighty tail root and save myself to the shore, silver and all. "What kind of fish is that!" Overwhelmed by the moment of the catch, the happiness of the line adventure that ended well and the sight of this dreamlike sea trout, we feel like we have really arrived on this first evening of our trip to Denmark. And as we light a fire under a starry sky a little later, the quiet certainty spreads that we have a wonderful time ahead of us and will be back here next spring. Always on the lookout for the big sea trouts of Als.


This is our recommended kit for your stay:

RODS: 9ft #6-8 rod
REELS A good, saltwater resistant reel suitable for a #6, #7 or #8 rod
LINES: Good quality WF floating and slow intermediate line
LEADER: Tapered leaders 9-12ft in 0X-01X
ACCESSOIRES: Stripping basket, Landing net, Leader clip, Polarizing sunglasses, Sun milk
CLOTHING: Wading shoes, Wading pants, Wading jacket, Thermal layer, Gloves, Beenie, Cap


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K.Klamar Wisconsin, USA

"Tobias Cordes and Fly Fishing Guides Berlin provided me with memories that I will never forget and I will be forever grateful to him for making this awesome experience possible. I would recommend him to anyone (novice or skilled) that wants to experience once in a lifetime fly fishing in Denmark."